Split Checks

November 12, 2012

This is an app concept I am working on.

The problem I am solving is when a group of friends go out to dinner and need to split the bill. It can be very frustrating and error prone trying to corral everyone and make sure they pay what they need to. Meet “Split /Checks” An iPhone app one person can launch and pass around the table. Each group chooses what they ordered, can split items for sharing, and review what they claimed. Then they pass the phone to the next group. At the end everyone can see how much they owe and tip can be adjusted.

I started with the problem. I have encountered this problem and many people I talked to had their own horror stories of having to pay for friends who were not good at math or perhaps a little shady.

Then I hit my sketch book. I sketched on and off for a week after work. I focused on the context. For example my first design was dragging to your groups box on screen. However, this was not scalable past 6-8 people. Then I designed the passing method.

Once I worked out what the user experience would be and interactions, I started in photoshop. The visuals are still a work in progress but I am happy how they are coming out. The visuals also went through three iterations. I was inspired by the textures and ambiance of nice restaurants. So there are dark woods with subtle lighting effects of colored bar signs.

Take a look and if you are interested in helping me build this app and splitting the profits (there is a business plan I have designed with this app) then please contact me.


Note: This app idea is my own and I reserve all rights to it.